When you figure that out, could you move on to finding out what's up with the winged eye makeup? That is some serious over-penciling there. » 7/24/13 1:37pm 7/24/13 1:37pm

So a entertainment accumulator website did a posting 6 years ago about another websites stupid promotion and Jezebel is now covering it? I would say slow news day, but as it's been 6 YEARS my real guess is Katie is still upset that BuzzFeed never hired her. » 7/24/13 12:27pm 7/24/13 12:27pm

The produce bags have literally changed my life. I live in hyper arid Colorado so mold really isn't an issue, all I have to deal with is produce over-ripening and going bad. Since using these my fruits & vegs easily last two weeks or more with brocholi just as crisp as the day I bought it, no soft spots on the… » 7/24/13 12:07am 7/24/13 12:07am

As a Coloradoan I am confounded by his point. Do you guys in other states actually still depend on smuggled Acapulco Gold? In this day & age I just assumed most local weed was actually local regardless of the 'laws'. » 7/23/13 6:22pm 7/23/13 6:22pm

I'm with you in wanting to know who decides what makes me 'happy'. Could I post a hardcore BSDM still with the caption "I'm so happy my husband finally got me the fur lined handcuffs"? » 7/23/13 4:56pm 7/23/13 4:56pm

You do realize in the next 10-15 years, the current crops of youngs will become...older. I mean unless this article is really under reporting the actual issue that this current crop of 65+ olds are the final senior citizens America will produce I don't see the point. » 7/23/13 1:00pm 7/23/13 1:00pm

It might be convenient, but at ~500 calories per bottle, damn, that's one whole meal you'd have to cut out to balance the intake. No wonder you'd have problem getting all your minerals in. » 7/23/13 12:20am 7/23/13 12:20am

So does Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Thailand. And that's not evening mentioning the countries who still choose to have HRM as their monarch such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of the Bahamian islands. » 7/22/13 6:06pm 7/22/13 6:06pm

Hey...I read and loved beyond all reason Pillars of the Earth. That book literally helped me snag my first love-of-my-life boyfriend. I could go on and on how much I romanticized the book, but I'll assume you have an actual life and will get to my question. Is the movie/miniseries worth it? I mean if it has pretty… » 7/22/13 4:13pm 7/22/13 4:13pm